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United States Postal Service - Howell Relocation

United States Postal Service proposes a new location for the Howell Community Post Office

The Howell Post Office has been authorized to relocate and construct a new Howell Post Office.  At the July 22 Council meeting the Postal service announced their intent to relocate to an area near Downtown Howell.  The Postal Service began their search in July of last year looking at properties in and around the City of Howell downtown area.  Recently the postal service has contacted City Officials and is interested in the vacant land located on West Grand River Avenue (BL96) just east of the Fire Station.

The proposed location is master planned as an Employment District in the 2015 Master Plan.  The City feels this is a viable option to be considered as it fronts Grand River Avenue, provides large greenspace setbacks to rear neighborhoods and keeps the vital service of a Community Post Office walkable and in Howell.   Additionally, this would allow the old post office location to be developed and brought back onto the City Tax role generating future revenue.  

The USPS has supplied the City of Howell with a letter of interest to move forward with pursuing the property and has even submitted renderings of the building and site.  

Additional meetings regarding the relocation will be scheduled in the near future and posted on this page. 

1998-346 Howell MPO - Sheet P4 - Exterior Renderings (2020, February 24)...