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Fiction or Fact

  1. This will be a Distribution Warehouse like "Amazon" - The Fact is;  this is a relocation of the existing Howell Community Post Office which needs additional space to handle our growing community. Leaving the Post Office in Howell would make it more readily available and walkable for many Howell Residents. A rendering of the Post office is available here.
  2. This property is built in neighboring back yards - The Fact is;  this is being built on a vacant parcel that is currently owned and maintained by the City.  The proposed Site plan pushes the use to Grand River Avenue leaving an abundance of green space between this use and neighboring properties.
  3. This use does not conform to the 2015 City Master Plan -  The Fact is; the 2015 Master Plan has this parcel identified as an employment district and recommends zoning similar to McPherson Park Drive, Sutton & Catrell, and Lucy Road. 
  4. This use will hurt property values of surrounding homes - The Fact is; there is no data to support this claim, property values are based on condition, size and location compared with other sales in the area.  Being with in walking distance to a Community service such as a Post Office could be considered a positive amenity.
  5.  My yard is already very wet and this will make it worse - The Fact is; the City is aware of wet back yards and that some properties discharge their sump leads onto this vacant property.  The sale of this land would be contingent on providing a thorough storm water management system to capture all onsite water and allow the proper drainage of neighboring properties discharging their sumps.  Some people may even see an improvement in their situation.
  6. This area is a 303 wetland - The Fact is;  Just because a property is prone to seasonal flooding, especially when that flooding is partially man-made with sump pumps, does not constitute a wetland.  This region has had extensive geology performed and while there are wetlands and wetland soils in the area, no portion of this site is considered a wetland, rather land prone to getting wet.    You can visit the following web page to see a map from the State of Michigan the delineates wetland areas by clicking;  Michigan Wetlands.
  7. There will be significant light pollution and noise pollution - The Fact is; The City is well aware that the USPS as a Federal entity does not have to comply with all the zoning requirements.  However, because the City owns the land we will make certain quality of life zoning requirements such as lighting, noise, buffers, and water management are included as part of the sales agreement. 
  8. This will generate traffic Cutting through Neighborhoods - The Fact is; the existing Post Office is located on Michigan Avenue and has access from two local neighborhood roads, Washington and Crane Streets.  The new location would only have access to and from Grand River Avenue, also known as Business Loop BL96.