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City of Howell

 Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) Discharge

What Happened?  The WasteWater Treatment Plant recorded 1.75 inches of rain from Monday, May 18, 2020, through Tuesday, May 19, 2020. Screw pumps at the plant were unable to keep up with the flow, which caused sewage to back up in the main sewer pipe.  As a result, diluted sanitary sewage overflowed from the manhole on Pulford St, flowing across the ground, ultimately reaching a storm sewer catch basin.


When did the SSO discharge occur?  The wastewater began flowing out of the manhole at approximately 4:00 PM on May 18, 2020, and stopped at 5:30 PM. It started to overflow again at 10:00 PM That same day and ultimately stopped flowing at 5:30 AM on May 19, 2020. It is estimated about 185,760 gallons of diluted wastewater entered the Marion Genoa Drain.


Where did the SSO discharge occur?  The discharge occurred on the south side of Pulford St between South Michigan Avenue and Hadden Avenue. 


Why did the SSO discharge occur?  This discharged occurred due to an excessive rain event, and the Waste Water Treatment Facility’s pumps were not able to keep up with the flow. 


Contact person:    
Matt Davis, Interim Director of Public Services, City of Howell  (517) 546-7510

 Please contact the City of Howell or the Livingston County Health Department if you have further questions.