Master Plan for Transportation in Livingston County

On February 19th, the Master Plan for Transportation in Livingston County will be presented to the public.  He is the flyer/poster that you can use to let others know about the event.

It will include a variety of recommendations, including:
 1.  Technical, facility and "right-sized" vehicle investments that will improve efficiencies and responsiveness of all transportation services.
2.  Technical systems that will improve the rider interface for planning and paying for rides.
3.  Collaborations between communities and transportation agencies that will add and improve services.
4.  Express bus service to the airport,  operated by a private transportation company.
5.  Development of a county-wide network of bicycle/pedestrian trails, linked to other transportation services.
6.  Expanded dial-a-ride schedule responding to residents' needs.
7.  Scheduled bus and shuttle service when and where the greatest needs exist.
8.   Commuter bus service to and from Ann Arbor.
An implementation plan, including timeline and costs will be presented, too.
I urge you to attend this meeting to provide your input and to clearly demonstrate the breadth and depth of public support for improved transportation options in Livingston County.  This meeting will occur a few weeks before any final changes occur to the plan and it is presented to the County's Board of Commissioners. 
You can attend the open house any time between 4 and 6:30 PM on Tuesday, February 19 at the Johnson Center of Cleary University (Grand River just west of Latson Rd.).  A presentation will be made at 4:30 and repeated at 5:30.
Let's provide a clear statement of support for transportation options by showing up and demonstrating how important this is to our community.
Dr. Leo E. Hanifin
Chairperson - Livingston County Transportation Coalition