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Building & Community Development FAQ's

  • How much do building permits cost?

    Deck/Porch - $100.00
    Swimming Pool - $100.00


    • residential - $100.00
    • commercial - 150.00

    Mobile Home Setup - $75.00

    Signs - $100.00 (no performance bond)

    All permits, unless otherwise noted, require a performance bond. The bond amount is calculated by the cost of the project. Performance bonds will be refunded 2-3 weeks after the project's final inspection has been approved.

  • Do I need a permit to re-roof?

    Yes, a building permit is required to re-roof. Please visit or call the Building Department at (517) 546-3861 for more information.

  • Do I need a permit to put siding on my home?

    Yes, a building permit is required for exterior siding, window replacement, and/or minor structural repairs. Please visit or call the Building Department at (517)546-3861 for more information.

  • What Information do I need when submitting application for building permit?

    You will need to provide a completed permit application with homeowners signature, two copies of the construction plans, plot plans, a copy of your current contractors license, and insurance (where applicable).

  • Can I get an inspection within the same day of scheduling the inspection?

    No, inspections are scheduled on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. A minimum of 24 hours notice is required. Scheduled times given are only approximate.

  • When do I need to pay for the permit?

    The permit fee shall be paid when the permit is picked up. Fees can be paid by cash or check. Credit cards are not accepted.

  • Can the permit application be faxed?

    Yes, permit applications can be faxed, as long as all required documents and signatures are included.

  • Can I obtain an electrical, mechanical, or plumbing permit from the City of Howell?

    No, the City of Howell Building Department has adopted and therefore enforce the State Building Code. Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing permits and inspections are handled through the Livingston County Building Department. The can be reached at 517.546.3240.


    Any plan review or permitting of sprinklers, fire alarms, or pre-engineered review, please contact the Howell Area Fire Authority, Fire Marshall at 517-546-0560,firemarshall@howellfire.net for step by step procedures.