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Cemetery Department

Jason McClanahan - Cemetery & Parks
Lakeview Cemetery & Columbarium
920 Roosevelt Street Howell, MI 48843

Howell Memorial Cemetery
1410 W. Highland Road Howell, MI 48843
M-F 7:00am - 4:00pm

The Parks and Cemetery Department serves the residents of the City of Howell and surrounding area by maintaining and improving the recreational and public facilities of the community. Seasonally, the Department mows over 130 acres per week and removes snow from City parking lots and sidewalks in public areas. The Department is responsible for the maintenance and landscaping of the recreation buildings and City Hall, as well as assists the Downtown Development Authority with beautification and landscaping of downtown. Staff manages the Lakeview Cemetery, including burials, monuments, surrounding areas, and events. Maintenance of the City’s boat ramp, Page Field and City park and the resulting revenues, in previous years, were reported within the Parks and Recreation department. As the recreation functions transition to an Authority effective July 1, 2008 these activities are now reported within the General Fund.

To provide the community of Howell and their guests a safe, clean, and aesthetically-pleasing environment in which to relax and play; and to serve the community with integrity and compassion when they need it most.