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Memorial, Lakeview Cemetery & Lakeview Columbarium Fees

   Grave/Columbarium Niche Cost:

  Adult City Resident       $800.00
  Adult Non-resident    $1,600.00
  Infant City Resident      $500.00
  Infant Non-resident      $900.00

  Transfer fee – Immediate family     $100.00 per grave
  Transfer fee – Other than immediate family $200.00 per grave 

  Immediate family is the owner’s grandparent, parent, brother or sister, child or grandchild.

 Grave/Columbarium Niche Openings:

 Adults, Monday – Friday   $600.00
 Saturday                                $800.00
 Sundays and holidays      $1,200.00

 Infants, Monday – Friday  $250.00
 Saturday                                 $375.00
 Sundays and holidays         $500.00

 Ashes, Monday – Friday     $200.00
 Saturday                                 $300.00
 Sundays and holidays          $400.00

 Foundation fee: $0.40 per square inch with a $70.00 minimum charge.
 Disinterments are two times the appropriate grave opening and closing fees.