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For Right of Way, Meter, and Water Sewer Permits:
City Hall

Matt Davis
150 Marion Street Howell, MI. 48843

For all other permits (including building, rentals, and keeping of chickens):

Nick Tafelsky
611 E. Grand River Howell, MI 48843

Before you do any work, make sure to contact MISS DIG 811 to have all the underground utilities marked on your property. For more information, go to www.missdig811.org. There is no charge for this service and it is required by law!

Working in a Public Right of Way

A ROW is property that is owned by the public and used for public improvements such as roads, sidewalks, street trees, water mains, sewer mains and other public and private utilities.  A typical ROW is 66ft wide and extends from sidewalk to sidewalk on a street.   For properties without a sidewalk, a good estimate would be 33 feet from the center of the road in either direction.  Residents should verify ROW locations before working.   Some streets have ROW that are only 50 feet wide.

All work performed within a ROW will require a Right of Way Permit Application  to be submitted in accordance with the Right of Way Permit Instructions by the abutting property owner or private utility requesting the permit.   If approval is granted a ROW permit will be issued.  Applicants should also familiarize themselves with the General Conditions for Right of Way Permit  prior to submitting their application.  Applications will be reviewed in order of submittal or based on importance.  Additional information or fees may apply and must be provided prior to issuance of the permit.

Examples of ROW work includes:

- Sewer or Water service repairs or upgrades

- Lawn irrigation installations

- Flower beds

- Plantings/ trees

- Parking areas

- Retaining walls

Meter Requests

Properties requesting a meter for lawn irrigation purposes or to replace an existing damaged meter can fill out and return the Meter Request Application to the Department of Public Works located at 150 Marion Street, Howell Mi. 48843.   The meter costs are located on the back of the form or page 2 and payment will need to be made prior to scheduling the installation.  Scheduling for the installation can be made by contacting the Utility Billing Department at 517-546-3500.  Additional information regarding water meters is available on the City Ordinance Chapter 1044.06water meters.  For more information contact the Department of Public Services at 517-546-7510.

New water /sewer service requests

New construction or existing structures requiring the installation of a new water or sewer service will be required to submit a New Water and Sewer Service Application.  Additionally, utility work proposed within the public right of way will require a Right of Way Permit Application .    Information on Capital Connection charges for both water and sewer along with all other requirements can be located in the City Ordinance Chapter 1044. For more information contact the Department of Public Services at 517-546-7510.

Non-Residential Users

Commercial and Industrial Users discharging sanitary waste into the City collection system for treatment must fill out a Determination of Use form. This form will be used to determine if a Discharge Permit will be required under the City of Howell Wastewater Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP).   User can refer to the 2014 Chemical list to help in this determination. 

Utility and Right of Way Applications 

acrobat  Meter Request Application

acrobat  New Water and Sewer Service Application

acrobat  Right of Way Permit Instructions 

acrobat  Right of Way Permit Application 

acrobat  General Conditions for Right of Way Permit