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While the City of Howell promotes and encourages our residents to recycle, it is critical that you recycle properly.  Putting the wrong things (contaminants) into recycling carts requires additional sorting, costing millions of dollars annually and may even prevent recycables from being recycled.  To learn more on how you can do your part recycling visit;  www. advanceddisposal.com/recycleright.

Take the following steps to get started: 

  • Call Advanced Disposal at 517-219-1163 to sign up for the recycling program.  A 64-gallon cart will be delivered to you residence. 
  • Prepare recyclables according to the instructions provided with the cart. Materials accepted include: newspapers, mixed office paper, corrugated cardboard, box board, telephone books, magazines, #1 thru #7 plastic, clear, green and brown glass, aluminum and tin/steel food containers.  For more information on how you can recycle properly visit- Recycle Right
  • Put recyclables in the cart and place at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on designated days.  Please do not use 18-gallon bins as they will no longer be collected.  Residents are welcomed to keep the existing 18-gallon bins free of charge, or return them to the DPW at 150 Marion St.  All recycling materials must be in the cart, items outside of the provided cart will not be picked up
  • Cart Placement:
    1.  Carts should be placed no more than three (3) feet from the curb.
    2. There needs to be at least three (3) feet between your cart and any other objects such as parked cars, on opposite sides of the driveway.
    3. Be sure to place garbage and recycling carts on opposite sides of the driveway.
    4. Cart handle should be facing the house and away from the street.

Curbside Clothing, Shoe and Home Good Recycling
, available through Simple Recycling

Drop-off Recycling,  please visit Recycle Livingston at http://recyclelivingston.org/