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Leaf Pick Up

Street Leaf Collection Program FALL SEASON:

Residents are encouraged to bag their leaves for pick up with the Yard Waste Program. Leaves should be placed in paper bags (no plastic) or in a resident-owned 32-gallon container.  Yard bags can be purchased at local retailers and will no longer be available at City Offices.  Leaves will be picked by Advanced Disposal once per week on the same day as garbage pick-up thru November.  

The Department of Public Works will pick up loose leaves under the following conditions:

  • Leaves must be raked into a furrow along the edge of the road, please do not rake leaves into the road.  Leaves that are raked into the road may prevent storm water from draining and create potential traffic hazards.  Leaves should be in a furrow not wider than four feet to help make pick up more efficient.
  • Wet the leaves to prevent blowing if needed.
  • The leaves cannot be mixed with any other materials, i.e. trash, brush, rocks. If leaves are mixed with materials they will not be picked up. Damage to leaf pick up machines from hidden objects may result in costly repairs to equipment.
  • Vehicles must not be parked along the curb or in the City right-of-way in areas where leaves are to be picked up. If vehicles are parked in the way, leaves will not be picked up for that area.
  • Leaves in plastic bags will not be picked up.
  • Do not rake leaves over storm sewer inlets to prevent flooding.

The DPW will pick up leaves throughout the entire City, street by street. 

Please help us, by contacting the DPW, so we can determine where the leaves are the heaviest. For additional information, please contact the DPW at 546-7510.

Residents on Michigan Ave., Grand River Ave., and Byron Rd. only - please keep leaves behind the curb. 

By Ordinance, open burning is not permitted in the City of Howell.