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Redevelopment Ready Communities

As part of Howell's efforts to ensure an efficient development process for all projects, the City has participated in the State of Michigan's Redevelopment Ready Communities program. The program is intended to have communities thinking about how to make development and redevelopment as consistent and straightforward as possible. There are a number of documents that can assist any developer as they look at projects within the City. The most important ones are linked below. Staff welcomes the opportunity to discuss any potential project at any point in the development process. 

Best Practice 1: Community Plans and Public Outreach Best Practice 2: Zoning Regulations
Zoning Ordinance (note:  The Zoning Ordinance is found in Chapter 1240, under Part Twelve, Title Six)
South Michigan Avenue Form Based Code (Article 4A of the Zoning Ordinance)
Best Practice 3: Development Review Process Best Practice 4: Recruitment and Education
The City of Howell has a number of boards and commissions that help shape and guide many aspects of the City. From development related issues to local officers compensation, the City is always searching for volunteers with an interest to serve their community. The Mayor appoints all board and commission members, with the City Council approving the appointments.  The board vacancies change on a monthly basis, as new members are appointed or reappointed, so contact the City Clerk if you have any interest in serving on a board or commission. Wondering where you might be able to fit in? This document will give you an idea of the skill sets that are beneficial for most of the boards and commissions in the City. 
Best Practice 5: Redevelopment Ready Sites
As part of the RRC process, the City has identified a series of sites in the community that are prime redevelopment opportunities. While not intended to be an all-inclusive list, these sites are great opportunities near downtown or in the South Michigan Avenue corridor, a priority area for the City to encourage development. The following documents are details about each site, including utilities, potential incentives, and development ideas. Staff is ready to discuss construction on any of the sites at any time. The Howell Downtown Development Authority has market information that is regularly updated that we can provide to to interested parties. Contact the Downtown Development Authority at 517-545-4240.
Alpha Tech Property - Aerial Photo/Location Map (Potential to be added to South Michigan Form Based Code District)
Holiday Inn Site - Aerial Photo/Location Map (Located in South Michigan Form Based Code District; located in Howell Downtown Development Authority Area; Additional marketing information)
Holkins/Library Property - Aerial Photo/Location Map (Property located in Howell Downtown Development Authority area)
Best Practice 6: Community Prosperity