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Boards and Commissions

Beautification Committee   Independent Committee - Promotes and recognizes excellance in landscape design and maintence.

Board of Zoning Appeals - Reviews requests for variances from the City's zoning ordinances.  Meets as needed

Board of Review - March- Reviews the City's assessment roll, corrects assessed value and/or tentative taxable value.

July & December - Corrects clerical errors, mutual mistakes of fact, poverty and homestead exemptions

Brownfield Redevelopment Authority - Facilitates the implementation of brownfield plans, promote the revitalization of environmentally distressed areas.

Building Authority  - Provides oversight for the debt obligations on the purchase and/or improvement of the City Hall facility.

Capital Improvement and Rate Advisory Board (CIRAB) - Provides oversight for the operation and management of the Wastewater Treatment Plant that serves the City of Howell and Marion Township.   Meets as needed.

Downtown Development Authority/Main Street (DDA) - Provides oversight for programs to support and enhance downtown Howell & the DDA District.  

Economic Development Authority of Howell (EDC) - Provides oversight for economic development projects in the City that receive funding through the use of industrial development revenue bonds.

Howell Parks and Recreation Commission - The oversight board for the operation of the public park and recreation facilities that serve the recreational needs of the municipalities that are members of the Commission.

Library Board -  www.howelllibrary.org

Local Development Finance Authority  (LDFA) - To prevent conditions of unemployment, prommote economic growth, and authorize the acquisition and disposal of interest in real and personal property.

Local Officers Compensation Commission - Establishes the compensation for members of the City Council.

Planning Commission - Develops the City master plan and zoning ordinances for land use and other activities in the City as well as reviewing site plans for development in the City.

Storm Water Management Commission -  A Citizen advisory committee for the purpose of encouraging public involvemetn in all aspects of the storm water management program.

Tax Increment Finance Authority (TIFA) - Provides oversight for industrial development activities and the funding of public infrastructure needs in the area where the TIFA district was established.

Thompson Lake Board -  www.livingstonthompsonlake.com

Applications for Boards/Commissions can be located in the Downloads section of this web site.